mardi 27 novembre 2012

Quale hè chì hà da ritruvà u titulu di issu rumanzu ?

Voici l'extrait :

During all these years he has never really thought about any of that again; the wars he has fought in did not leave him time to do so and the ten months spent in Buchenwald extend behind him like a vast grey steppe that cuts his life in two and separates it for ever from the lost continent of his youth, but he has not forgotten it. June 1944 silently left its mark in his flesh, inscribing there the imprint of an unforgettable lesson, one that has enabled him to explain to his N.CO.s': "Remember this, gentlemen, pain and fear are not the only keys for opening the human soul. They are sometimes ineffective. Don't forget that there are others. Homesickness. Pride. Sadness. Shame. Love. Take note of the person in front of you. Don't be pointlessly stubborn. Find the key. There's always a key -" and he has now arrived at the absurd and intolerable conviction that he was only arrested at the age of nineteen so as to learn how to fulfil a mission that would be intrusted to him in...

Je coupe l'extrait avant la fin de la phrase, ce serait trop facile...

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  1. A sò, a sò! L'aghju da palisà o aspittemu torna appena? p. 82/83 di u libru ch'o aghju eiu...

  2. Iè, aspittemu almenu sin'à dumane, O Marilè !

    Monsieur Paoletti, il ne s'agit pas d'un livre du livre de Roger Nimier.

  3. Eccu u libru : "Where I left my soul", traduzzione in inglese da Geoffray Strachan di "Où j'ai laissé mon âme" di Jérôme Ferrari : da vede quì :

  4. Il faudrait tout de même que je regarde ce "Hussard bleu" de Roger Nimier... sur les conseils de Tancrède Paoletti cela me donne encore plus envie.